Our Commitment

Our Renovation Commitment

With every bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovation we put you, our client, first.

Right from the start we are fully committed to providing you with a personal renovation service. From the initial contact we are dedicated to seeing you not just happy, but delighted with the results of your new bathroom renovation, kitchen renovation or laundry renovation.

The personal service we provide is, we believe, the only way to ensure you get exactly what you will love.

Think about what you really want from the person you are dealing with. As for Funkis Renovations, our team:

  • Listens to what you have in mind, picks up on your own design ideas, personal style and tastes
  • Has design flair, can produce a stylish bathroom design and decor to match your brief while sticking to budget
  • Has the renovation and design experience to guide you in a helpful and responsible manner
  • Is responsive to your feedback, documents all major and minor items discussed and makes them part of the contract agreement
  • Shows you where to choose your own quality fittings, tiles and accessories in your own time. Then orders them and delivers them as needed to complete the project. Ensures all items meet Australian standards and are covered by warranty from respected suppliers
  • Ensures a fixed price contract is detailed outlining all the work to be carried out and the materials being used
  • Turns up to start on the right day at the right time, as agreed
  • Oversees all workmanship and quality control every step of the way to ensure all items are as agreed in every detail
  • Manages the project on budget and on time
  • Uses drop sheets and protects all areas whilst work is underway
  • Corrects any discrepancies from the original plan without question

At Funkis Renovations, this is exactly the commitment we believe necessary to make every renovation not only a successful project but a memorable one.

If you want to be dealing with a professional renovation company you know you can trust and communicate easily with, then Funkis Renovations is for you. Our team will go above and beyond to deliver the highest quality bathroom, kitchen and or laundry renovation.

Hear from what one of our clients had to say…

Wow! It looks fantastic. We are thrilled with the outcome. All three rooms look really great. I can’t believe how much of a difference renovating them has made to our investment property. The property now looks like it belongs in this century, not the last. It’s truly amazing. My husband Mark has already had one of his work colleagues ask for you details & we will not only be providing your details, but they will go with a huge recommendation from me. In fact if anybody ever mentions kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovations we will both be handing out your details along with a huge recommendation.

You can rest assured that when we want a renovation in our house, you will be the first to know. My only regret about the whole thing is that I didn’t actually get to meet you in person. But in the few phone conversations we had, I immediately felt at ease with you, creating a real sense of trust. It’s amazing how much this sense of trust makes when choosing between quotes. And I was right to choose you (& not just because you bettered the initial quote), because you managed the entire job on time & within the agreed budget & with an outcome I never could have imagined.

Kindest regards & thanks heaps to a really great bloke.

Sue M, Tuart Hill